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Let’s make a film photography zine with InDesign and Mixam!

May 29, 2020
In episode 32 of Matt Loves Cameras I discuss the creative challenge of making a zine. I talk you through all the choices and decisions I made with my first film photography zine Every Summer. Hear about my tips as well as some pitfalls I made. Here's a list of topics I discuss:
  • What's a zine?
  • Reasons why you should make a film photography zine
  • Pros and cons of using Adobe InDesign and Mixam
  • Ideas for your zine
  • How to decide on the size and type of paper for your zine 
  • Adding text vs not adding text
  • Zine distribution 
  • Editing and review
  • Colour spaces
  • Exporting your zine for upload
  • PR for your zine
  • What makes a good zine?
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