Matt Loves Cameras

Jake Bright the Polaroid Whisperer

May 16, 2021

In episode 46 I interview a man that goes by many names... Jake Threepwood, The Instant Camera Guy, and even... the Polaroid Whisperer!

I am of course talking about Jake Bright, a very talented Polaroid SX-70 repairer based in Melbourne, Australia. We talk about pack film camera modifications, how Jake pivoted his business when pack film was discontinued, what can go wrong with SX-70s, are Instax cameras worth repairing, the new Polaroid Go format, and what other vintage items Jake restores. 

Get in contact with Jake via his website or Facebook, and don't forget to tell him that Matt Loves Cameras sent you!

Also stay tuned as I reveal my very talented co-judge for the LomoChrome Purple competition and zine... we are now up to 36 entries! 

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